Apple Plans "A Little More" For October 23 Unveiling: New iPad And MacBook Pro?

Looks like Apple's going to keep the new stuff flowing this fall. After introducing and subsequently shipping the iPhone 5, the product teams at Apple are cranking up enough new stuff to warrant yet another event. It's unlike Apple to pull two of these in one season, with the latest invite suggesting that "a little more" is en route.

"Little," of course, being the key word. With rumors running rampant about a new iPad mini, and perhaps even a refresh of its smallest MacBook Pro, it's clear that Apple's next event will focus on the small things. It remains to be seen if the world really needs a 7" iPad, but with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 doing well in that space, one could reason that Apple needs to slide into that slot sooner rather than later.

Perhaps we can also look forward to a refreshed 13" MacBook Pro with a Retina display, and given Apple's history of focusing on music and entertainment at fall events, a special iTunes announcement may also be waiting. There's just a week till we find out for sure.
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