Apple Patenting Interchangeable iPhone Lens Bayonet Mounts

Apple snagged a patent from the USPTO for a bayonet mount for the iPhone that would be used to attach and swap out interchangeable camera lenses. It could be used for any iOS device, ostensibly, but it really only makes sense on a mobile device with a high-quality camera.

Apple notes in the patent that problems with existing means of attaching objects to mobile devices have failed to be aesthetically pleasing and also are not designed to release from the device in the event of a drop.

Apple interchangeable iPhone lens

Other solutions for interchangeable lenses on mobile device cameras employ measures such as magnets, but Apple says that such methods are insufficient because the lenses may come loose or move around even during normal use.

Apple interchangeable iPhone lens

Interchangeable lenses would give an iPhone all those capabilities that serious photographers enjoy with traditional interchangeable lenses, such as the ability to use zoom and wide-angle lenses as well as various types of filters.

Apple interchangeable iPhone lens

Apple isn’t the only game in town when it comes to bayonet mounts, though; for example,Moment developed a sort of bayonet mount for its own interchangeable smartphone camera lenses.

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