Apple Throws Cold Water On Popular Rice Hack For Wet iPhones

iphone rice hero
Apple is now on the record that a piece of advice given as gospel, that a wet phone needs to be chucked into a container with some rice to save it, is something that should be actively avoided. The iPhone maker says that users shouldn’t put an “iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.” It’s probably jarring to see information that has been around for years be so very wrong but, Apple does have some helpful tips for iPhone devices that have gone for a swim.

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and later will warn users if it detects water in its lightning or USB-C port. The alerts are slightly different depending on the connector the phone has. Owners with the Lightning port will see “Charging Not Available. Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. This may take several hours.” Meanwhile, owners with a USB-C port get “Liquid Detected in the USB-C Connector. Disconnect charging cable to prevent damage to iPhone. Allow the connector to dry. This may take several hours.”

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If either of these messages pops up it’s time to dry out the iPhone. Apple recommends placing the phone in an orientation that leaves the connector pointing downward, and to then gently tap the iPhone to get excess liquid out. Once that’s done place the phone in a dry location, preferably with some airflow. Users can attempt to reconnect their cable after 30 minutes to see if it will charge again. If the message still pops up then it’s time to give the iPhone 24 hours to dry out.

Other actions that might seem like a good idea are also getting a thumbs down from Apple. For example, users shouldn’t be trying to expedite the drying out process by using compressed air or any kind of external heat source. Using cotton swabs or a paper towel is also going to be more harmful than helpful. This is a situation where patience is the best way forward.

If after trying all the recommendations laid out by Apple the iPhone is still displaying error messages, then it’s probably time to get help from a professional. Hopefully Apple Care is still in effect for the iPhone to minimize any repair costs.