Apple Offers Pesticide For Future Quicktime Bugs

Apple has an update for its ubiquitous Quicktime multimedia software, to fix the exploit discovered at a security conference two weeks ago. Remember, the exploit works if you're running Windows too, so everybody should get the update if you have Quicktime. 
The exploit with QuickTime for Java was first reported as a Mac OS X issue as it was the winner in a $10,000 price to break into a MacBook Pro set up at a recent security conference. It was later revealed as a cross-platform security flaw that affects Mac and Windows users alike. Security experts opined that it was inevitable the Mac would suffer such issues. The exploit’s discoverer, Dino Dai Zovi, said he’s been using Mac OS X from the start, though said in a recent interview that he felt Microsoft’s new Vista operating system was more secure than Mac OS X.
Article here.
Quicktime 7.1.6 update for Windows here.
For Mac here.

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