Apple Preps Noise-Cancelling AirPods And Over-Ear Headphones For 2019

Apple's AirPods were initially announced back in 2016 and eventually achieved widespread availability in early 2017. The wireless earbuds are powered by Apple's W1 SoC, provide decent audio quality, and allow you to access the Siri digital assistant without pulling out your iPhone. A new report suggests that true next-generation AirPods won’t arrive until 2019.

When these new AirPods land for consumers, they will reportedly feature noise cancellation technology and will be water resistant (a feature that has been spread throughout the iPhone family). Those added features, however, will push the price well beyond the $159 price tag of the current AirPods. 

airpods 1

In the meantime, Apple is planning a minor update for the AirPods that will launch besides this year upcoming iPhone family. The refresh will include an updated SoC and support for hands-free Siri. Apple is also said to be working on an updated version of the AirPods charging case that will be fully compatible with the still-unreleased AirPower wireless charging mat. These 2018 AirPods, however, will likely keep the $159 price point. 

Updated AirPods aren't the only new products that Apple has in the pipeline; the company is also developing new high-end over-the-ear headphones to compete with the likes of Bose and Sennheiser. While Apple already has the Beats line of over-the-ear headphones under its umbrella, the report says that these headphones will have Apple branding and will likely launch sometime in 2019. 

As for other audio-related products in the Apple pipeline, a second-generation of the slow-selling HomePod is expected to bow in 2019. The current generation launched earlier this year after a delay and is priced at a hefty $349.