Apple Music Student Membership Plan Offers 50 Percent Discount To Cash-Strapped Collegiates

Do you like to rock out with your college textbooks out? Try listening to classical music instead, it could help with your studying. Don't worry, we're not here to nag you about your grades or bust your chops about how you spend your free time while mom and pop pick up the tuition bill. We're here to let you know that Apple is rolling out a discounted Apple Music subscription to students.

If you're a student at a qualifying university or college, you'll soon be able to subscribe for $5 per month, a 50 percent discount over the regular $10 per month subscription. The student membership option is already live in some territories, including Australia and New Zealand, and it will be available sometime today here in the U.S. and places like the U.K., Denmark, Germany, and Ireland.

Apple Music

News of the discounted subscription option come right as rumors are swirling that Apple's getting ready to overhaul its streaming music service. Some users have complained that the interface is too confusing, and that's one of the things Apple is working to fix in its redesign. It will also move to a black and white color UI with large artwork, 3D Touch shortcuts, and integrated song lyrics.

Apple Music is off to a fast start. It now boasts more than 13 million paying subscribers, up from 11 million in February. That's less than half of the 30 million paid subscribers on Spotify, but Apple Music is growing at a faster rate. Adding a discounted subscription option for students could help lessen the gap.

The student subscription price is good for up to four years, and they don't have to be consecutive. If you decide to take a year off (don't do it) to find yourself or whatever, you can re-subscribe to the student tier.

Pricing overall is pretty good for Apple Music. Its normal subscription cost of $10 per month is standard in the industry, but in addition to offering a student discount, it's $15 per month family plan allows up to six people to manage their own accounts, four more than Spotify at that price point.