Apple Music Reportedly Surpasses Spotify In US Subscribers

When it comes to digital music, streaming is king. Just a few years ago, it seemed as though we were all resigned to paying 99 cents per song or $10 for individual albums (thanks to Apple's iTunes push). However, the all-you-can-eat streaming music buffet is hard to ignore. We're now learning that Apple Music has surpassed reigning streaming music champ Spotify in U.S. subscriber numbers, which is a huge achievement for the service that launched nearly three years ago.

The latest figures come courtesy of Digital Music News, which says that both Apple Music and Spotify have over 20 million paid subscribers in the United States alone. In the case of Apple Music, it is a "hair ahead" of Spotify. 

apple music

"The data for 2018 also shows that Apple is experiencing a far stronger rate-of-growth in the United States," writes Digital Music News. According to the publication, Apple is on track to significantly grow its lead over Spotify through the end of 2018. Reports earlier this year pegged Apple Music's subscriber growth at 5 percent per month, more than double that of Spotify.

When it comes to total subscriber numbers though, Spotify still has the upper hand -- by far. According to a financial disclosure in March, Spotify has 75 million paying subscribers globally and a total of 170 million active users.  

Back in mid-May, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Music had over 50 million active users globally (roughly 40 million of those are paid subscribers). That was up from 38 million total subscribers globally in March and 40 million in April. It may be a while still before Apple Music is able to topple Spotify in overall paid and total subscribers, but it is well on its way.