Apple Moves in For The Kill, Seeks Ban of 8 Samsung Devices

After knocking Samsung to the mat by winning a damages award in excess of a billion dollars for copyright infringement in the U.S., Apple is ready to pounce on its rival and go for the kill by seeking a swift ban on the sale of eight devices in the States.

These are older model devices though, such as the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge, so even if Apple is successful in banning Samsung's products, the company will still have a fighting chance in the mobile market with its highly popular Galaxy S III device. That is, if and until Apple decides to sue Samsung over the S III as well, which it may very well decide to do now that a jury ruled in its favor on several patents and design features.

"While a ban would likely increase Apple's leading smartphone share in the U.S. market, we believe this verdict could lead to Samsung also delaying near-term product launches as it attempts to design around Apple's patents," Canaccord Genuity analysts said.

Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone

That's precisely what Samsung intends to do. Looking to avoid a kill shot by Apple, Samsung said it will do whatever possible to keep its products on on store shelves.

"We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market," Samsung said in a statement to the press.

Though limited, Samsung has options. In addition to redesigning its products to sidestep Apple's patents, the company is also like to appeal and file paperwork to stop the injunction.

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