Apple May Swap Your 3rd Generation iPad for a 4th Gen Model

Woe is you if you just purchased a 3rd generation iPad device from Apple, because it's already out of date. At a press event earlier this week, Apple didn't just announce an iPad Mini, it unveiled a handful of other products, among them a 4th generation iPad with a faster A6X processor and that newfangled Lightning port. Other than that, it's essentially the same as before, but if you're kicking yourself for not having waited, you may be able to trade up, if you want to.

"Apple Care rep confirmed to me iPads bought within the last month can be exchanged for the new one!," @TummyEmu posted to Twitter this week.

Apple iPad with A6X

Intrigued, Sharon Vaknin over at CNet headed over to the Stockton Street store in San Francisco and was told that "this specific store" would exchange 3rd generation iPad devices purchased within the past 30 days, essentially extending the typical 14-day return policy. As for other stores, the rep said she couldn't speak about their policies, "this is something our store has decided to do."

The bottom line is, if you recently purchased a 3rd generation iPad and would prefer to own the newer model, it's worth a call or visit to your local Apple Store to see if they'll swap it out.