Apple May Delay Second Generation iPad Mini Launch Until 2014

Bad news if you were hoping to score a second generation iPad mini with an upgraded display sometime this holiday shopping season. While nothing is set in stone. word on the web is that a new iPad mini model won't even go into production until the fourth quarter of 2013, meaning its release would likely slip into 2014.

It's long been believed that a Retina-class display will find its way onto a second generation iPad mini model, and according to Digitimes' supply chain sources, it will indeed boast a 2048x1536 resolution. Furthermore, Apple is said to be revising the design so that the bezel is almost non-existent.

iPad mini

Don't rule out a slightly updated iPad mini model in time for the holiday shopping season. While the real refresh isn't likely to hit retail until 2014, Apple may launch a mildly updated version later this year, one that's lighter, thinner, and perhaps a little bit faster. It's a similar strategy Apple took with the its fourth generation iPad, which isn't a major refresh over the the third generation iPad.