Apple May Be Acquiring Flash Storage Maker For $400-$500 Million

Ever the vertical marketeer, Apple is reported to be in talks to acquire flash maker Anobit, according to a Reuters report. Anobit already makes some components in Apple products including the iPad and iPhone, so the acquisition would enable Apple to house some of its hardware under its own very protective wing.

The price tag for the Israel-based company is said to be between $400-$500 million. The apparent key to the purchase would be Anobit’s MSP (Memory Signal Processing) technology, which is to simultaneously drive down the cost of flash storage and improve its performance and longevity.

Anobit MSP2025 embedded flash controller

Anobit has both mobile and enterprise-class storage products, and though it’s obvious that Apple would use the former, it’s unclear if it will want anything to do with the latter.

Neither Apple nor Anobit has yet commented publicly on the report.
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