Apple Making Room for Next Gen Devices? AT&T Offers $200 iPad Discount Promo to iPhone 5 Buyers Choosing AT&T Next Plans

Retailers have been discounting iPhone 5 smartphones heavily ahead of the anticipated launch of Apple’s next generation of iPhones in early September. Now, AT&T is running a promotion that knocks $200 off the price of an iPad or iPad mini when you buy an iPhone 5c or 5s on an AT&T Next plan.

This is not an online promotion, so you’ll need to visit an AT&T brick-and-mortar to take advantage of it. The deal applies to iPads and iPad minis, but not the iPad minis that have retina displays. You’ll need to buy the iPad with a two-year AT&T wireless agreement (in addition to buying an iPhone 5c or 5s with AT&T Next) to get the $200 discount.

Apple has new smartphones on the way to replace the iPhone 5c.
The iPhone 5c (pictured) and 5s phones are getting serious discounts from retailers these days.

If you aren’t familiar with AT&T Next, you’ll want to check it out before you sign on the dotted line. AT&T Next is a plan that is designed to let you get a new phone every year, rather than wait for the typical two-year contract to expire to become eligible for a subsidized phone. Like any wireless plan, it has its own strengths and weaknesses, so have a look.