Apple Macintosh Fans Are Going Nuts Over This Adorable Retro USB-C Charger

shargeek retro 35
When you plug your phone, laptop, or other rechargeable devices into the wall what do you concern yourself with? Many of us just care that the charger works, some people care about the wattage, and others just want their devices to charge fast. What if we told you that all of these are possible, and it can be adorable looking too? Well, it's true!

The (not Apple) geniuses at SHARGEEK have launched an IndieGoGo campaign (its fourth one) for a new 35W charger. The Retro 35 USB Type-C charger has one USB Type-C port and offers up to 35W of output. And of course like many other chargers, it has an LED screen with different color coded outputs. But the best thing about this little charger is what it looks like—a cute little Apple Macintosh from yesteryear.

Other features include the fact that the device supports just about every major international charger plug type, and that the LED light will provide indication on the style of charging that the device is currently providing. Styles being, of course fast charge, super charge, and normal charge, and it'll light up white if no charging is occurring at all.

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The campaign for this adorable little classic PC-looking powerhouse has four tier options. At $25, which includes one charger, and a two-pack at $49. There are of course two higher tiers, a four-pack at $96, and a 10-pack at $240.

On top of the fact that this cute little LED lights up different colors, SHARGEEK seems to want to encourage users to make the product theirs. It provides a QR code on the IndieGoGo page telling people they can make stickers from some templates it has provided, or that people can just make their own. Those would be to go over the LED screen to add just a little fun to the look of your charger.

shargeek sticker options
Free Stickers for Shargeek Retro 35

This cute littler charger doesn't have as impressive tech in it as Anker's new beast we talked about here. However, it will add some nostalgic style to your power bar when you use it, which is just as good to some people. It also seems to be a hit already, with over 600 backers pledging more than $32,500 so far, with still 27 days left.