Anker’s Tiny 100 Watt Multi-Port USB-C Charger Is Shipping But Quickly Sold Out

anker nano ii 100w hero
Anker announced a powerful new addition in its USB-C charger line-up at CES 2022. That's not extraordinary for a company that makes a myriad of chargers and battery banks, but his particular device provides extreme power delivery in a super small package.

What's so exciting about a new wall-charger you might ask? Well, the Anker Nano II Type-C Charger provides a hefty 100 watts of power to up to three devices simultaneously. It manages to do this in a package 34% smaller than an Apple 96W wall charger thanks to its Gallium Nitrate (GaN) based tech. GaN technology is being used my multiple companies to build compact and powerful chargers, but Anker has managed to shrink it's implementation significantly and are calling it GaN II.
anker nano ii scale

The specific model, Anker 736, or Nano II 100W, claims that it supports Adaptive Fast Charging for the devices that include support for that capability. Additionally, the small package allows for those of you with the right type of power adapters to free up space in your laptop bags as well. The overall compatibility list is extensive with products ranging from phones and tablets all the way to full blown laptops and MacBooks. Though trying to plug in all of these devices simultaneously does come at a price.

As anyone can tell you, if you split the water output from a hose, the total volume remains constant from the source, but the volume of the output at the end of each split is reduced. The same rules apply for power delivery. Anker has provided a nice little guide on exactly how the power is split up depending on what type of device is plugged in.
anker nano 2 charging guide
The product has already launched, and early adopters have had theirs shipped. It seems to have already sold out according to Anker's Amazon store though, so if you want this small form factor charger with big-power output, you might want to remain eagle-eyed on the Amazon page.
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