Apple Lays AppleWorks to Rest

Twenty years is a long time in the computer business, and the AppleWorks suite, which at one time was the industry's best-selling piece of software, has been laid to rest at the ripe old age of 23.

AppleWorks was first written for the Apple II, and was one of the first integrated software suites.  It eventually morphed into ClarisWorks, and came full circle when development returned to Apple from Claris, when it was again christened AppleWorks.
Visits to AppleWorks' former URL now redirect users to Apple iWork '08  instead.

When Apple introduced iWork '05, senior vice president of applications Sina Tamaddon said that the company was "building the successor to AppleWorks."

To many, however, the boast rang false, since iWork lacked a spreadsheet, one of the key pillars of AppleWorks, or any other application suite.That changed with iWork '08's release last week.
Since iWork '08 now has the missing spreadsheet component, it apparently seemed time for the retirement of AppleWorks.  iWork '08 will continue to work with AppleWorks files, so your old documents will still be usable. 
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