Apple Launching Haswell-Powered MacBook Pro Next Month

A Japanese language website apparently has the scoop on Apple's plans to refresh its MacBook Pro line with Intel's Haswell architecture. According to the website, MacBook Pro machines with Haswell processors inside will debut sometime next month, though it's not clear what other upgrades might be in store and whether or not the Haswell upgrade will apply to both the regular and Retina Display model MacBook Pros.

Haswell's been on the market for awhile now, versions of which are even found in Apple's MacBook Air line, so really the only holdup is on Apple's end. Recent price cuts from third-party vendors like Best Buy suggest that the Cupertino outfit may want to give its retail partners a chance to clear out existing inventory before introducing a new crop of machines.

MacBook Pro

It will also be interesting to see if Intel's Thunderbolt 2 technology finds its way onto new MacBook Pro models. The original Thunderbolt spec first showed up on Apple machines, and Thunderbolt 2 ups the ante by increasing bandwidth to 20Gbps. It does this by combining two separate 10Gbps channels into a single, bi-directional channel that can handle both data and 4K display.