Apple Kills Beloved Dark Sky Weather App, Here Are Several Worthy Alternatives

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With the lights being shut off for the beloved weather app Dark Sky on iOS, it is time to find another fair-weather friend to let you know when the next cold front is coming through. Dark Sky was bought out by Apple nearly two years ago and officially shut down on New Year's day.

When it comes to weather apps, Dark Sky set itself apart from the rest with unique features. This is probably why Apple chose to buy the app two years ago and shut it down on Android. In preparation of its inevitable shutdown, Apple removed the app from the App Store in September of last year. If you grabbed it before its removal, then you probably saw a notification that the app would be shutting down permanently on January 1, 2023. Those who have depended on Dark Sky for weather updates need to find a new weather app. Here are a few that might fit the bill.

The iOS Weather App

Perhaps the most convenient will be Apple's own built-in weather app. The iOS weather app has had a few of the features from Dark Sky incorporated into it. Those include hyperlocal forecasts, next-hour precipitation, and customizable weather notifications. The app is free and does not have any ads on an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

apple ios weather app

While the iOS app may suffice for some, others may find Apple's own weather app a bit clunky to use. So, here are a few more to choose from.

Carrot Weather

If you like a bit of sass with your weather updates, Carrot Weather may be what you are searching for. The app was developed by Brian Mueller, an English major turned app builder in order to supplement his income. Mueller's weather app sets itself apart from the rest with its cynical language in its notifications. This feature can be turned off for those who are not a fan. Outside of the sassy notifications, the app also delivers good privacy controls, accurate weather predictions, and has good customization options.

carrot weather app

Carrot Weather can be used for free with ads, or you can choose to remove the ads with a $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year option.


When it comes to weather apps, almost everyone has heard of AccuWeather. Due to other apps utilizing its API, even if you have not heard of the app, you more than likely have at least used one very similar. AccuWeather provides a simple UI that is easy to navigate and gives users plenty of shortcuts to all its features. A few of the advanced features include storm tracking, air quality, and allergy data.

accuweather app screenshot

Accuweather can be used for free with ads, or you can choose to remove the ads with either a $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year subscription.

If none of those tickle your fancy, a few other weather apps on the Apple App Store you could give a try are Windy, Weather Underground, 1Weather, and MyRadar. Let us know in the comments which weather app is your favorite to use and why.