Users Report Apple iPhone 8 Plus Cracking Open While Charging Hinting At Battery Failure

It would not be an iPhone launch without reports of manufacturing problems of one kind or another. Throughout the years, there have been complaints of yellow banding resulting from the adhesive underneath the display (iPhone 4), a purple haze when snapping photos (iPhone 5), and of course bendgate (iPhone 6)s, to name a few issues. The latest complaint applies to the recently introduced iPhone 8 Plus, and it has to do with the display busting open.

As with every issue that has popped up over the years, this is not an epidemic, but an apparent defect being observed by a relatively small number of users. Those numbers can add up, however, as Apple sells a lot of iPhones. That said, some users are seeing the display on their newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus handsets bulge out from the chassis. Have a look at the phenomenon.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Bulge
Image Source: MacRumors via iRepair

Obviously the iPhone 8 Plus is not supposed to do that—it is not a feature, nor is it the result of someone holding it wrong, not unless they are able to squeeze the sides of the handset with Hulk-like strength. The above photo was taken by iRepair, an Apple device repair shop in Greece. The customer who brought the phone in for repair says it happened overnight while the iPhone 8 Plus was plugged in and charging. Supposedly the customer was using an official power adapter and cable from Apple.

There are a handful of incidents of this same problem being reported around the web. In some cases, the iPhone 8 Plus is already damaged immediately upon unboxing, such as this one:

iPhone 8 Plus Bulge
Image Source: ON.CC

The customer who purchase the iPhone 8 Plus in the photo above says it was already busted when he opened the retail packaging, and that the SIM card had popped out. That is not something you want to see when buying a brand new phone.
This is an unfortunate side effect of using lithium-ion batteries. With millions of iPhone models coming off the assembly line, it is not surprising to see that some of them are defective in this manner. However, it none-the-less a bit unsettling, especially in the wake of Samsung recalling its previous generation Galaxy Note 7 due to defective lithium-ion batteries overheating and exploding.

Apple over the weekend told MacRumors that it is aware of the situation and is looking into it. There has not been an update since then. Until one comes, we suggest that anyone who purchases an iPhone 8 Plus to examine it closely (and often) for signs that the internal battery may be swelling.

Thumbnail Image Source: MacRumors via Anthony Wu