Apple's iPhone 11 Pro May Have 2GB Of Dedicated RAM Just For Its Camera Array

iPhone 11 Pro
For the most part, camera performance is at the forefront of smartphone design these days. Handsets are becoming increasingly sophisticated with regards to photography, and interestingly enough, there is chatter of Apple possible baking in a dedicated amount of RAM to the camera array on its iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro.

The possible revelation comes by way of app developer Steve Troughton-Smith. Based on some Xcode digging, Steve noted on Twitter that all models of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro have 4GB of RAM, and not 6GB as had been previously rumored, from a certification database listing.

Steve followed this up by saying he's been hearing "conflicting things" about the RAM allotment, but noted there is 4GB of system RAM accessible by iOS and apps.

Then came this tweet...
"Several people have now suggested to me that there may just be an extra 2GB of RAM dedicated to the camera. All of this new photo stuff & Deep Fusion doesn’t come cheap, it seems. I have no way of verifying these details right now, and to the user it wouldn’t be visible anyway," Steve said.

The "extra 2GB of RAM" would be on top of the 4GB of base RAM. So the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro would indeed have 6GB of RAM overall (if the information is accurate), but with 4GB for the OS and apps and 2GB set aside solely for camera functions.

We don't know if this is true, though it is at least plausible. Apple is pushing a "transformative triple-camera system that adds tons of capability," both in regards to taking photos and recording and editing videos. There is a new Night mode that "uses intelligent software" and advanced algorithms tied to HDR.

"With the tight integration between hardware and software, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max take the traditional camera experience even further in a way only Apple can," Apple states.

We should find out soon whether there really is 6GB of RAM inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone Pro, both of which will be available tomorrow.