Apple iPad Mini Likely to Launch at October 23rd Event

There have been more iPad Mini rumors lately than you can shake an Apple tree at, but rest assured, it will all soon be over. No, Apple hasn't confirmed the existence of a shrunken iPad tablet, however the Cupertino company is reportedly holding a press event on October 23rd, where it will almost assuredly launch the device.

The invitation-only event is curiously timed to fall on a Tuesday when traditionally Apple holds such things on a Wednesday. Apple's rumored event also falls just 72 hours before Windows 8 launches to the general public and, by extension, Microsoft's Surface tablet hits the street running. There's a ton of hype surrounding Windows 8, so it's not likely an iPad Mini event will completely over shadow it, but Apple might be hoping to steal a little thunder from Microsoft.

iPad Mini

Details surrounding the iPad Mini are fairly scarce. We know it will be smaller than an iPad, larger than an iPhone 5 (probably around 7.85 inches, according to previous rumors), and will have a lightening connector. Beyond that, there's no word on the hardware, such as whether or not it will feature a Retina Display, A6 processor, and so forth.

Also unknown is what kind of reception the iPad Mini will receive. Conventional wisdom says Apple products tend to do extremely well, but in a recent survey, the number of people who said they planned to buy an iPad Mini was surprisingly low.