Apple iPad Air Hits Lowest Price Yet With $80 Discount, AirPods Pro Just $190 For Prime Day

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Apple’s fourth-generation iPad Air has been a very popular entry in its tablet lineup ever since it first debuted in October. Even before the tablet started shipping to customers, retailers like Amazon discounted the tablet by $40, making $559 the “everyday” price ever since. However, Prime Day is in full effect, and that $40 discount has now doubled.

The limited-time offer sees the iPad Air fall to just $519.99 with free shipping, a 13 percent discount. Unlike previous iPad Air deals, this discounted pricing applies to all available colors: Green, Rose Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Sky Blue.

While most Apple devices released over the past nine months have featured the M1 SoC, the iPad Air uses the A14 Bionic SoC found in the iPhone 12 family. It might not have all the processing muscle of the M1, but it is still more than capable of handling any task that you throw at it in iOS 14. The iPad Air resembles the iPad Pro in appearance, but there are several differences between the two tablets.

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The iPad Pro uses Face ID for authentication, while the iPad Air has Touch ID embedded in the home button. And the iPad Air’s 10.9-inch display is only 60Hz, versus 120Hz for the iPad Pro family. In addition, you’ll only find a single camera on the back of the iPad Pro. However, if you’re using an iPad Pro primarily as a photography device, we’ll disown you.

With that said, we’d gladly give up those features in return for the $519.99 price tag of the iPad Air compared to the $799 starting price for the 11-inch iPad Pro (2021).

If you want a must-have accessory to pair with the iPad Air, might we suggest the popular AirPods Pro wireless earbuds? These audio devices have an MSRP of $249.99 but are regularly on sale for around $200. However, today’s Prime Day discount sees the AirPods Pro fall to just $189.99 with free shipping.

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The AirPods Pro supports active noise cancellation and 3D spatial audio playback with [supported] music and video streaming services. The wireless earbuds support quick device switching, allowing them to hand off to your iCloud-connected devices on command. For example, you could be watching Loki on Disney+ on your iPad Air and automatically answer a call from your iPhone with the AirPods without skipping a beat. Once the call ends, the audio would revert to the Loki episode playing on your iPad Air.

The AirPods Pro comes standard with a wireless charging case that supports the Qi standard, but you can still use a Lightning cable to recharge if you prefer.

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The fourth-generation iPad Air deal is likely to only last today and tomorrow during Prime Day, but we’d imagine that the AirPods Pro sale price will linger on for quite some time.