Apple Invite Confirms March 2nd For iPad 2 Launch

Well, that confirms it. The rumors have led us to a confirmation, as March 2nd has been set as the date in which the next iPad will be revealed. According to this image, which was sent along with an invite to various media sources, something big is coming on March 2nd, and considering that an iPad is shown there in the corner, Apple would be disappointing everyone should they choose not to reveal at least something related to the next-gen iPad.

The original iPad is going on one year old, and still, tablet makers are struggling to match its feature set and price point. A bunch of Honeycomb tablets are slated to be unveiled later in the year, but if the iPad 2 comes along and delivers an entirely new set of features, it'll once again be ahead of the curve. The real question is what exactly will Apple reveal on the 2nd. Will they actually show the iPad 2? Or only talk about its features? There have been a number of rumors saying that iPad 2 production is behind schedule, so it's possible that Apple will leave everyone hanging when it comes to very specific details.

There's almost no doubt that Steve Jobs will have an iPad 2 in-hand for the event, but only time will tell how long it'll be before the next-gen iOS tablet actually ships.