Apple HomePod Will Reportedly Add Speakerphone Capability With iOS 12 Update

Apple has not said a whole lot about its future plans for its HomePod smart speaker, but it's a safe bet that the company is continually working to improve the device. Otherwise, it will get left behind competitive offers, namely Amazon's Echo products and Google's Home smart speaker. So what might be in store for the HomePod? One of the rumored features headed to Apple's smart speaker is the ability to make phone calls.

While nothing of the sort has been announced, French-language website iGeneration claims that speakerphone capabilities are headed to the HomePod with the Apple's iOS 12 update (currently in beta). As it goes, the user's smartphone would handle the grunt work of a phone call, and pass on voice-activated functions to the HomePod.

Users would be able to answer a call, redial numbers, search call logs, and listen to their voicemail through the HomePod. They would also be able to call for emergency help, should the need arise. It's not yet clear if FaceTime audio would be piped through the HomePod as well.

Acting as a speakerphone is one of several capabilities that iOS 12 is reportedly introducing to the HomePod. Another one is the ability to juggle multiple timers. This could help users to stay on top of multitasking, especially when cooking different items at once. It also would address one of the biggest complaints with the HomePod.

Whether these features actually get added to the HomePod with iOS 12 or not remains to be seen. However, it wouldn't surprise us if the rumor turned out to be true. You can already create multiple timers with Echo and Google Home, and both also support speakerphone capabilities.