Apple Hires Tag Heuer Sales Exec, A Countdown To The iWatch

In a move that reminds us that the iWatch is inevitable and coming relatively soon, Apple has poached an executive from high-end Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer. Vice president of sales Patrick Pruniaux will be moving on to join Apple, and although his official role and title have not yet been announced, he’ll presumably offer strong industry sales experience to help Apple market it iWatch to more than just techies.

Image Source: Flickr (Brett Jordan)

According to Reuters, Tag Heuer actually made the move public--not Apple--and the former company seems a bit salty about Pruniaux leaving, even though he’s already been replaced. "I think he was probably head-hunted," a spokesperson told the outlet.

Either way, Apple’s iWatch shouldn’t compete with Tag Heuer directly, at least not if Apple wants to sell any of them. Tag Heuer timepieces cost a pretty penny, and if Apple sets the price for the iWatch up there at $1,000 or more, nobody will buy it.

As we previously reported, the iWatch is expected to launch this autumn, with 10 sensors on board and an eager public hoping that the company can do for the smartwatch market what it did for smartphones and tablets.