Apple Hardening iOS 6 Code, Jailbreaking in Jeopardy

Apple has always gone out of its way to keep users from tinkering with their iOS devices, from using funky screws and lots of adhesive to prevent do-it-yourself (DIY) repair, to locking down iOS so that it's extremely difficult to jailbreak. Speaking towards the latter, hacker i0n1c posted on Twitter that the upcoming iOS 6.1 update will be even tougher for modders to crack, which is especially disappointing when you consider that iOS 6 hasn't even been jailbroken yet.

"There must have been some change of guard at Apple. iOS 6.1 adds again tough protections although public JB community hasn't broken iOS 6 yet," i0n1c posted to Twitter.

This is par for course when it comes to iOS devices, and Apple's attitude towards jailbreaking in general. Just a few years ago, Apple actually sought to make jailbreaking its devices a crime, claiming that doing so would amount to copyright infringement and a DMCA violation. Apple lost that battle, but the war with modders rages on.

For the uninitiated, jailbreaking a device allows you to install unofficial software and tweak settings that may have previously been off limits. With a jailbroken iPhone, you could, for example, install a tethering app and set up your handset as a mobile hotspot for your laptop or desktop in a pinch. Jailbreaking an iOS device usually involves exploiting a security hole.