Apple Hard at Work Cultivating Game Controller Devices for More Serious iOS Gamers

Apple is getting even more serious about gaming. While games on iOS devices have been part and parcel of Apple’s mobile strategy since day one, the company is taking the next step forward--it’s actively facilitating the development of game controllers for iOS games by third-party companies.

AppleInsider snagged some slides from a WWDC presentation that outlined some possible form factor options and also named Logitech and Moga as hardware partners. There are two styles--a form-fitting controller wherein the iOS device rests inside the unit and a standalone gamepad. Both ostensibly would offer D-pads, ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons, and even thumbsticks and triggers.

iOS controller

The Wall Street Journal says it received a developer document from Apple that indicates that the controllers should enhance games, but they must not be required. Further, support for controller specifications will be included in iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks.

iOS controller

iOS games can be superb--we may or may not have once gotten lost in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for a period of months on the iPod touch--and the ability to add separate gaming hardware will deliver a far better experience, as long as that hardware works as it’s supposed to.