Apple Grants Pinterest Ability To Discover And Directly Install iOS Apps

Want to try out a new recipe? Head over to Pinterest. Need some fashion tips? Once gain, take a look at Pinterest. Are you looking to install more iOS apps on your mobile device? You guessed it -- stroll on over to Pinterest, where you can now install iOS apps onto your iPhone or iPad device. Appropriately enough, they're called "app pins."

"Let’s say you’re Pinning workout inspiration to your Marathon Training board. If you see a fitness app that helps you reach your goals, you can download it right from Pinterest," Pinterest explained today in a blog post.

Pinterest App Store

It's an interesting pairing, and one that makes sense when you think about it. This could introduce users to themed apps in their interest areas that they never new existed, especially since the App Store is filled with over 1.4 million apps. It's also convenient, in that you don't need to hop over to the App Store to install an app you discovered on one of your boards.

"When you come across an app Pin, tap Install to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad without ever leaving Pinterest (you’ll only see app Pins when you’re using the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad)," Pinterest added.

To help kick things off, Apple opened an official App Store account on Pinterest. It currently consists of five boards -- Fashion Apps, App Store at Fashion Week, People + Apps, Healthy Recipes, and Editors' Choice -- with 34 pins.