Apple Quietly Kicks Off Free 2018 MacBook Air Repair Campaign For Faulty Logic Boards

Apple MacBook Air
Good news if your 2018 model MacBook Air is giving you trouble—Apple has discovered an issue with the logic board and has instructed to employees at Apple Store locations as well Authorized Service Providers to fix affected units at no charge. If you own an affected model, you should receive an email from the company.

That is not a guarantee, of course, but Apple is sending out emails to customers who own a potentially affected MacBook Air. According to Apple, the issue with the logic board is present on "a very small number" of 2018 MacBook Air models.

It is not clear what the exact problem is or what the symptoms might be, only that an issue exists, according to an internal document that was seen by MacRumors. In theory, when an employee enters the serial number of an affected MacBook Air into Apple's internal repair system, a message will pop up directing the technician to swap out the logic board.

Unfortunately, this is not a public recall, nor has Apple acknowledged the problem outside of the internal document as it did with the MacBook keyboard issue earlier this year. Your mileage may vary, in other words.

Assuming the information is accurate, Apple is supposed to authorize coverage within four years of the original purchase. Employees are also supposed to swap out the logic board even on MacBook Air models that have accidental damage, so long as the damage does not interfere with the replacement.

If you own an affected model, you can head over to Apple's support site and schedule an appointment.