Apple Fanatic 'Wins' eBay Auction for Unlocked Gold iPhone 5S by Bidding $10,100

Even after listing fees and various commissions are factored in, eBay user "papakar" just scored a big payday, assuming the buyer of his unlocked Gold iPhone 5S 16GB ponies up the cash. The winning bid came out to $10,000 plus an additional $44.95 for one-day shipping (seems like at that price, the seller could foot the bill for shipping, but whatever). Why so much?

One explanation is that the winner bidder is full of bologna. However, out of the 51 bids the seller received, the winning bidder is one of just a few with feedback well above zero. The winning bidder, shown only as "y***9" to protect his identity, has a feedback score of 226, which seemingly indicates he's not a new account holder trying to muck up an auction.

iPhone Auction

On the other hand, it's possible the winning bidder's account was hacked, and the $10,100 bid will amount to little more than shenanigans. That would be unfortunate for the seller.

Another explanation for the obscenely high bid is because, as the seller points out, this is a "VERY HARD TO FIND" phone. It's factory unlocked, and if you were to purchase a contract-free Gold iPhone 5S 16GB on Apple's website (for use with T-Mobile), it wouldn't ship until next month. It would also cost significantly less at $649.