Apple Factory Partner Pegatron To Begin iPhone 6 Production In Q2

The web is always awash in iPhone rumors, and right now all the chatter is focused on Apple's forthcoming iPhone 6 device, assuming the Cupertino outfit sticks with its current naming convention. Regardless of what it ends up being called, you can feel reasonably assured that Apple will release another handset, and word on the web is that production will begin within the next few months.

Citing a Chinese-language news source, Reuters reports that Pegatron is opening up new factory space and hiring workers to ensure it can handle Apple's bulk order for iPhone 6 devices. Production is currently scheduled to begin in the second quarter, though it's not clear when the new model iPhone will land on retail shelves.

iPhone 5S

Typically when you hear about iPhone manufacturing rumors, it's Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision) that's in the mix. Rest assured, Foxconn is still the primary manufacturer of iPhone devices, including the iPhone 6. It just so happens that Pegatron, which is a smaller outfit, will lend a hand. Apple's decision to involve Pegatron is probably in part to ensure it can keep up with demand. Pegatron might also be offering a better deal on manufacturing than Foxconn, providing further incentive to throw the company as many orders as it can handle.

As for the hardware, there isn't any concrete information available just yet, though some early rumors suggested Apple may offer two different size iPhone 6 models, one measuring 4.7 inches and the other at 5.7 inches.