Apple Employees Start Receiving Sizable Discounts on Macs, iPad Tablets

People who work at Apple already get to refer to themselves as Geniuses ("What do I do for a living? I'm a Genius! How about you?"), and now they get the benefit of some sweet discounts on select Apple gear. It's part of an employee discount program Apple CEO Tim Cook promised back in January, and it's now in effect.

According to various sources, Apple employees receive a $500 discount on most Macs save for the Mac mini and new Retina Display MacBook Pro models (the latter of which may appear on the discount list at a later date), and $250 off iPad devices. These are reductions on top of the 25 percent discount Apple employees already receive.

As with most good things, there are some caveats. For example, you might be wondering what's to stop an employee from scooping up suitcases full of iPads at a discount and then hawking them on eBay or Craigslist. For one, the discount can only be used once every three years. Secondly, it's only available for employees who have passed the 90-day probationary period, a likely indicator that they're interested in sticking around.

In related news, Apple has also begun rolling out larger-than-normal salary increases. Whereas Apple has traditionally bumped up worker pay by 2-5 percent per year worked, reports are that new retail chief John Browett is handing out pay raises up to 25 percent, where deserved (as determined by store and individual performance).
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