Apple Consults With FDA Directors To Discuss Health Monitoring 'Healthbook' App For iOS 8

We’re actively resisting the urge to make a pun about apples a day keeping doctors away, because Apple is reportedly getting into the health monitoring technology market with a future iOS 8 app called “Healthbook”.

The New York Times spotted some interesting names on a public FDA calendar, including several Apple employees: SVP of operations Jeff William, VP of software Bud Tribble, Michael O’Reilly, and Tim Powderly from the company’s government affairs department.

Apple iWatch concept
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The fellow who spotted the December meeting, attorney Mark A. McAndrew, told the NYT that based on the personnel present, “They are either trying to get the lay of the land for regulatory pathways with medical devices and apps and this was an initial meeting, or Apple has been trying to push something through the F.D.A. for a while and they’ve had hangups.”

At the same time, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is planning the Healthbook app from the upcoming iOS 8, which will likely be paired with a smartwatch that can monitor health statistics such as pedometer-like info, calories burned, weight loss tracking, vital sign monitoring, medication reminders, and more.

Nothing is set in stone, and all of the above could end up as vaporware, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the iWatch (or whatever it will be called) heavily equipped with these sorts of sensors and capabilities.