Apple Considers Acquisition Of Legendary Supercar Builder McLaren

mclaren p1
Rumors about an Apple-developed electric car had been picking up speed for the past year, before hitting a speed bump earlier this month when it was reported that the company had shelved plans for the car. Word on the street at the time was that Apple was instead focusing its energies on developing self-driving software that could “plug in” to other manufacturers’ vehicles.

Now a rather outlandish report is coming from the Financial Times, which suggests that Apple in talks to purchase (or at least make a substantial investment in) the McLaren Technology Group. In case you need a refresher, McLaren produced perhaps the greatest supercar of all time — the McLaren F1 — and currently produces hypercars for the uber-rich like the $1.15 million P1 and more “attainable” supercars as witnessed by the $185,000 570s.

According to FT’s sources, Apple approached McLaren several months ago and is highly interested in the company’s advanced manufacturing technologies which includes experience with aluminum and carbon fiber production. McLaren also has a war chest full of patents that could come in handy if and when Apple decides to actually produce an automobile.

mclaren 570GT 2

The deal’s worth is pegged at between $1.3 to $2 billion, which is still quite a bit less than the $3 billion that Apple paid for Beats back in 2014 (an acquisition that still baffles many to this day). McLaren Automotive produced 1,654 vehicles last year and generated revenue of $584 million.

Apple brought back hardware exec Bob Mansfield in July to head up “Project Titan”, but it’s unclear how this news of a McLaren acquisition meshes with the earlier reports that dozens of employees associated with Apple’s EV have been shown the door.

For his part, Apple CEO Tim Cook has deftly dodged any and every question fired his way about Project Titan, and has never directly shot down the idea. Both Apple and McLaren have offered no comment on this latest report.