Apple Says iPad Pro Frames Are Bent From The Factory, Claims It's Normal

Back in November, we talked a bit about a video test that showed just how easily the 2018 iPad Pro could bend, rendering your fancy tablet useless junk. Reports have been surfacing online that the 2018 iPad Pro is coming out of the box with a slight bend in the frame for some users. Apple has now stepped up and acknowledged that some of the expensive tablets (stating at $799) are bent out of the box, but says that bend is a normal part of the manufacturing process.

bent iPad macrumors
(Image Source: Mac Rumors)

The Verge writes, "According to the company, this is a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process and shouldn’t worsen over time or negatively affect the flagship iPad’s performance in any practical way." Online reports have alleged that both 2018 iPad Pro tablet sizes have come out of the box bent. Buyers who get a bent iPad Pro right out of the box will need to return it within the standard 14-day return window as there is no replacement program set up (yet).

Apple claims that the new iPad Pro hasn't seen a higher than average rate of return despite the bend issue. The video above shows the previously mentioned bend test on the tablet; owners of the iPad Pro will need to be careful with their tablet as very little pressure is required bend the tablet (and thus crack the screen).

bent iPad macrumors 2
(Image Source: Mac Rumors)

Paying nearly a thousand dollars for a tablet (or more for the 12.9-inch model) that is bent out of the box won't sit well with many Apple fans, but the company is notoriously reluctant to replace devices under warranty. If you can live with the possibility of a bent iPad Pro, there are still some deals going right now on the tablet at Amazon and some ship in time for Christmas arrival.