Apple Claims iOS 11 Update Stops Hacking Tool That Can Easily Brute Force iPhone 7 Passcodes

Yesterday, a video hit YouTube that could have been alarming to any Apple users anyone running an iPhone 7 or 7+, or even some iPhone 6 models. With a $500 device in hand, simple iPhone passcodes could be defeated quickly and easily, with the help of a brute force password-hacking tool. Many passcodes are just 4 digits long, so it doesn't even take that long to find a match.

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This kind of device is the same used by law enforcement, and ultimately, its use should be limited. However, from the looks of the video below, it does appear to be available online and it's pretty simple to use. Generally speaking, multiple incorrect password entries should lock you out a device, but a bug in iOS 10 allowed an infinite number of guesses to be made, making a device like this one (which costs less than an iPhone), hugely useful if someone came across someone else's phone.

Fortunately, Apple is aware of the bug, and said it has already been squashed in the upcoming iOS 11. If you're running the current beta (4), you're also protected. If you use a pin code greater than 4 digits, you can also feel pretty protected, as with each digit that gets added, the more steep the difficulty of cracking it becomes. 

This much-needed fix comes hot on the heels of Apple adding a new feature to iOS 11 that will allow people to enhance their security by tapping the home button five times quickly. Doing so will require a password to access, preventing law enforcement in many places from being able to go any further. Not that we're saying you have anything to hide from John Law, of course...