Apple CEO Tim Cook Sees No Reason To Merge iOS With OS X

Those calling on Apple to unify its mobile and desktop operating systems might be in for a long wait. During a discussion with Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, Apple boss Tim Cook made it clear that he has no intention of combining iOS with OS X, which probably means a touchscreen iMac or MacBook isn't in the cards either.

"We don't believe in having one operating system for PC and mobile, Cook said, according to CNET. "We think it subtracts from both, and you don't get the best experience from either. We're very much focused on two."

Apple Devices

As smartphones and tablets become increasingly sophisticated and capable, there's a blurring of the line between mobile and desktop computing. There's also a need for interoperability, which is why you see Microsoft trying to unify its various hardware platforms with Windows 10. Nevertheless, Apple is content to rely on features like Handoff and iCloud to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop computing.

Apple isn't alone here. Google continues to offer separate mobile and desktop OSes, though there's been some overlap by its hardware partners. That includes major OEMs like HP with its Slatebook, a 14-inch touchscreen laptop that runs Android instead of Chrome OS.

Even though Apple has never really hinted at merging iOS and OS X, some wondered if the iPad Pro might eventually change that mindset in Cupertino. Cook's recent comments seem to slam the door on that notion, though by doing so, he also limits the iPad's potential to become a truly productive tool like the Surface Pro.