Apple Dislikes Windows So Much Its Self Driving Car Might Not Have Any

apple car concept design
Did you even have a childhood if you did not press your face against a car window during a long road trip? Such an experience may soon be a thing of the past. Apple has filed a patent to add VR systems in its autonomous vehicles that would replace windows. The patent has naturally sparked many jokes, including quips about Apple's dislike of “Windows.”

Apple filed a patent earlier this month for an in-vehicle VR system that would replace the “view of the real world with virtual environments.” This VR system would “match virtual views that match visual cues with the physical motions that a passenger experiences” and could be tweaked to help those who experience motion sickness. Apple argues that windows are generally unsafe and are not cost effective. It remarked that a VR system could “reduce or eliminate the need for windows in autonomous vehicles.” It also contended that a VR system could make the vehicle feel larger and therefore offer passengers a “more pleasant and secure-feeling experience.”

The VR system would only be available in Apple’s upcoming self-driving vehicles. These vehicles will likely be available in 2025 and may ship without a steering wheel or pedals. Rumor has it that the vehicles will also contain a large iPad-like device that will serve as an infotainment system.

The Apple patent has been the subject of quite a few wisecracks, fueled in part by the excellent concept render at VRScout. Many have joked that the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is so deep that Apple has entirely eliminated windows. Others have poked fun at the supposed design of the self-driving vehicle as the windowless vehicle looks quite a bit like a computer mouse. This has led to quips about how to both use and charge the self-driving vehicle.

It is unclear at the moment whether Apple’s self-driving vehicle will resemble the concept design or actually implement the VR-system. What is clear is that there are rather high expectations for the vehicle. Apple’s self-driving vehicles, often referred to as “Project Titan”, have reportedly been in the works since 2014 and have been delayed several times. Consumers therefore expect a vehicle that will be a strong competitor against Tesla.

Top image courtesy of VRScout