Apple Buys Stake in AMD. Not So Fast

Fox News, fair and balanced, apparently isn't too accurate.  Friday they announced a big deal, as Apple bought an 8% stake in AMD.  Or did it?

At 9:27 this morning, Fox Business Morning for Breakfast co-anchor Alexis Glick eagerly reported Apple (AAPL) had taken an 8% stake in AMD. Fox's guest contributor, Charles Payne, immediately analyzed the deal and pronounced it a brilliant move for both parties.

The problem? It wasn't Apple buying AMD.  It also, unfortunately, wasn't a mysterious pan-Arabian country called "Abu Dubai," as Glick announced when she corrected the Apple report. (It was Abu Dhabi.)

Ah, well, we can see the problem.  Apple, Abu Dhabi are oh-so-similar sounding.

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