Apple Buys AI Startup DarwinAI Ahead Of iOS 18 And Next-Gen iPhone Launch

Apple has acquired DarwinAI, showing a relentless push into the segment for what will be a very competitive future in the space. In years past, performance expectations were all based on the brute force that hardware could produce. Faster CPUs, more powerful GPUs, and increased capabilities for components such as RAM were the main focal points in technological progression. This is true of even Apple, with powerful machines such as the Mac Pro. AI will soon be the selling point for many phones, though, including Apple's iPhone, which can have huge implications with future generations. 

The days of hardware only focus may be long changed, as AI enters the conversation for virtually all hardware devices.  Apple is in a push to keep pace with the light-speed developments in generative AI. DarwinAI mainly develops technology that helps during the manufacturing process, with inspecting and other niche AI tasks. The talent of the team is also a prized commodity, giving Apple the ability to point them in the direction it wants. Alexander Wong, a founder of DarwinAI, now leads the AI group within Apple. Apple is no stranger to the bleeding edge, as its Vision Pro device demonstrates with its adventurous capabilities. 

The AI market for Apple is exemplified by its star hardware device, the iPhone. With millions in use, it is the perfect device to showcase AI technologies in a real, usable fashion. Siri has been hit-or-miss for years, so Apple can certainly benefit from a more capable infrastructure embedded within its iPhone and other hardware. Apple is also keen on the user experience together with privacy, so a tight integration is vital to the success of its future devices. 

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The iPhone and similar smartphones have already had a tremendous impact on humanity, with a knowledge bank neatly tucked into pockets worldwide. By acquiring companies such as Darwin AI, Apple is intent on the evolution of the technologies possible through generative AI. 

Competition is fierce in this space, with every large tech company striving for the AI implementation that will be the next indispensable piece of technological mass adoption. Microsoft has been famously leading the charge with its affiliation with OpenAI and ChatGPT, which has impressed early adopters with its ability to stitch together information in a rapid manner. 

AI has not been without its detractors and potential problems, however. Google has experienced some stumbling blocks, together with leadership issues at other companies such as OpenAI. Apple no doubt wants to blaze a more careful, thoughtful trail with its AI technology. DarwinAI and its expertise, along with its talent, can help Apple navigate these novel seas with less turbulence. Tim Cook has stated that "We believe it will unlock transformative opportunities for our users", when speaking about AI's potential.