Google Gemini AI Is Here To Take Over For Google Assistant With Android Smarts

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Google assistant on phones is about to get a big upgrade by way of the company's new Gemini AI. Google says that “with Gemini on your phone, you can type, talk or add an image for all kinds of help while you’re on the go.” This new integration of Gemini should make for a better experience when users summon the digital assistant.

Android users will have two different options to access Gemini. The first option is to visit the Google Play Store and download the Gemini app. The second option is to choose to opt in for use with Google assistant. The latter seems as if it will behave more like a native experience built into Android in comparison to having a wholly separate app.

Regardless of how users decide to have Gemini integrated on their phones, Google says the experience of using it will remain familiar. The company says that users can access the features available in Gemini by saying “Hey Google,” corner swiping, or tapping the power button. According to Google, “this will enable a new overlay experience that offers easy access to Gemini as well as contextual help right on your screen.”

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iPhone users will not be left out in the cold, as they will also be able to access Gemini. There will be a Gemini toggle in the Google app that will allow iOS users to chat with the bot to complete tasks using generative AI. However, the feature isn’t immediately available, with Google saying it will roll out “in the coming weeks.”

2024 looks to be a big year for AI on users’ smartphones with several manufacturers and Google making a big push, with the hopes to entice new customers. Time will tell how useful it ends up actually being for users.