Apple Brings OS X Lion To Physical Media: $40 Price Premium?

Is this Apple's way of admitting that not everyone actually has access to a fast enough Internet connection to stomach the idea of downloading all software, ever? The thought of making their latest OS a download-only affair may seem cute to technophiles, but how practical is it? At around 4GB, it's not exactly quick for those with non-broadband, and even basic cable packages can take a solid chunk of time to download. And then, there's bandwidth caps to consider. Whatever the reason, Apple has caved and produced the OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive.

Basically, it's a USB key with OS X Lion on it. There's still no DVD package, but those in need of buying OS X 10.7 on some sort of physical media now have an option. The only quirk? Apple's charging a huge premium for the USB key versus the download version. Those that download will only be charged $29; if you buy this USB stick, it'll set you back $69. Quite the stiff premium for physical media!
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