Apple, AT&T Hit With Second iPhone Lawsuit

Apple and AT&T have been sued for a second time over the controversial battery replacement plan for the iPhone.  You may recall that last month Jose Trujillo of Melrose Park, Ill. sued the companies for $75,000 in damages over the battery.  Monday a second lawsuit was filed, this time in California, alleging that Apple and AT&T deliberately withheld information pertaining to battery replacement until after the device launched.

"The issue is whether or not Apple properly disclosed the problems with battery life," Max Folkenflik, a managing partner at New York-based Folkenflik and McGerity, told Folkenflik is one law firm representing the California-based plaintiff Sydney Leung.

"There's a question that [Apple] has naturally raised is whether they designed a battery that requires a replacement in order to generate further profits, and that's something we'll have to take a look at," he said.

There are many pundits who feel that the plaintiffs have solid footing in these cases.  Additionally, some believe that the outcome of the prior iPod battery lawsuit, which Apple settled for $50 of in-store credit or $25 cash, could have a bearing on these cases.

The comment about designing a "battery that requires a replacement in order to generate further profits" is an interesting one.  It has been said that some printers tell you they are out of ink, when in reality there is plenty left.  This, of course, encourages you to buy cartridges sooner than necessary.  There are also companies that put chips into their cartridges, forcing you to buy their brand, which is usually much more expensive than generic ink.  I'm surprised we haven't seen any lawsuits over these types of issues.

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