Apple Asks Court To Toss Baseless Lawsuit Regarding 'Disappearing' iOS Storage Space

Apple this week filed a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit claiming the company bamboozled customers by misrepresenting the amount of storage space that's available on new iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8. The suit, which was filed in the Bay Area a few months ago, claims that iOS 8 can use as much as 32.1 percent of the advertised storage space on the company's mobile products.

What's really at issue is whether or not Apple intentionally misled consumers. According to Apple's court filing, the plaintiffs Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara failed to prove their case, adding that at no time do they dispute that Apple's products do in fact have 8GB or 16GB storage capacity.

iPhone 6

"Plaintiffs allege that they expected to be able to use 100 percent of that capacity to store their personal data. Like all software ever written, Apple's iOS mobile operating system -- which enables the device to function -- uses a portion of a device's resources, including it storage capacity," Apple stated in its filing. "This is not unique to Apple's products."

Apple goes on to point out that every other smartphone, tablet, and computer that exists also requires an OS. The company also argued that the Plaintiffs never said they were unaware that iOS 8 would use at least a portion of the built-in storage, and instead are miffed that the OS was larger than they expected, which they equated to a plot to sell iCloud space.

According to Apple, the conspiracy theory suffers at least two fundamental flaws. The first is that the Plaintiffs have been unable to prove that they expected iOS 8 to require less than 0.6GB to 1.3GB of additional storage space compared to iOS 7, and secondly they neglected to mention that the monthly prices they quoted for iCloud storage only apply to upgraded service options -- every Apple customer receives 5GB of free iCloud space.

Our opinion? Apple's going to win this case, as it should.