Apple And Google Fight For Exclusive Access To Mobile Game Access

At some point, mobile gaming became a legitimate battleground for competitors Apple and Google and their iOS and Android platforms. It only makes sense, as mobile gaming continues to increase in popularity while mobile devices boast stronger and stronger graphics and processing capabilities, but apparently things are getting intense.

According to MarketWatch, the two companies have been trying to convince game developers to release top-tier titles on their respective platforms first, offering perks such as top placement in their app stores.

Plants Vs Zombies
Plants Vs. Zombies: An actual and metaphorical background

For example, Apple offered PopCap sufficient incentive to keep its popular Plants Vs. Zombies 2 title exclusive to iOS for around two months. ZeptoLab did the same with Cut The Rope, keeping the game iOS-only for about three months.

It’s unsurprising that mobile games are now following console game’s model of exclusivity, but it’s interesting to see that new players in the market are using the same strategy.