Apple's Excellent AirPods Pro With Noise Cancelling Fall To All-Time Low With This Hot Deal

AirPods Pro
Sometimes you just need to drown out the world around you and groove to your favorite tunes, whether your preference falls on the heavy metal side of the spectrum or lands in classical territory (or somewhere in between). Apple's AirPods Pro earbuds help you do that with noise cancelling technology that works well. The caveat is they are pricey, though you can snag a set at a discounted price right now.

Over at Verizon, you can buy the AirPods Pro for $219.99 today, with free shipping or in-store pickup (you do not need to be a Verizon subscriber, this deal is open to everyone in the US). Even the same-day delivery option is free, provided you live in an area where that is available (my current ZIP code in the eastern part of Tennessee is not served, though where I used to live in California qualifies for same-day delivery).

The discounted price is $30 off the regular cost. While we have certainly seen bigger discounts on other items, we can't recall the AirPods Pro ever selling at a lower price—sales on the AirPods Pro are usually half as much as this latest discount.

These are wireless earbuds that came out around eight months ago. The big upgrade to these (versus the previous version) is active noise cancellation (ANC) technology.

"Switching between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes is simple and can be done directly on AirPods Pro using a new, innovative force sensor on the stem," Apple explains. "The force sensor also makes it easy to play, pause or skip tracks, and answer or hang up phone calls."

There is also a venting system to equalize pressure, and outward facing microphone, and an included wireless charging case with Qi support.

Overall, the AirPods Pro have generated mostly positive reviews. Customers seem generally pleased as well—over on Amazon, the AirPods Pro are sitting with a 4.5-star out of 5-star rating from 19,975 user reviews.