Apple Airpods Pro And Beats Studio Early Black Friday Buds Deals Are hot, Up To 20% Off

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Do you have an audiophile or tech geek on your Christmas list this year? Well, if you are looking to get them a new pair of wireless earbuds you can save up to 20% on a couple of Apple's finest.

With Christmas right around the corner, many are beginning to look for all the holiday deals that come along with it. Yes, we know some of you don't want to even hear the word 'Christmas' until after Thanksgiving. But, right now you can beat the Black Friday crowds by going over to Amazon and grabbing one, or both, of the deals going on for Apple Airpods Pro and Beats Studio Buds.

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The new Apple Airpods Pro wireless earbuds would be an excellent gift for anyone on your list that owns an iPhone. The active noise cancellation will allow them to escape the outside world and become immersed in whatever they are listening to. If they need to hear what is going on around them, they can switch to Transparency mode. This mode will give them the ability to hear and interact with others while still listening to their favorite tunes. 
The Airpods Pro are both sweat and water resistant, so they can be worn without worry while working out. Speaking of working out, the earbuds will give the eardrums a workout with spatial audio and dynamic head tracking which places the sound all around you. The adaptive EQ will automatically adjust the music to fit your sound preference. If you need to answer a call during your morning jog, then just use the force sensor with a tap. The three sizes of silicone tips that come with the earbuds should make them fit all comfy and cozy in anyone's ears.

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Perhaps your loved one prefers the deep bass that is provided with a pair of Beats Studio Buds. The Studio Buds deliver a rich, powerful and balanced acoustic sound. These come with the same type of noise cancelling and Transparency mode the Airpods Pro come with. So you can choose to be immersed in the song, or be aware of your surroundings. Three different sizes of soft eartips are provided, like with the Airpods Pro.
The Beats Studio Buds have 8 hours of listening time, or 24 hours combined with the charging case. With the Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range you should experience fewer dropped calls from mom (and making for less angry text backs asking why you hung up on her). The wireless buds provide voice assistant interaction via the built-in microphones. And if you are one of those that find exercise fun, you will be happy to know they are also IPX4-rated for sweat and water resistance.

Both the Airpods Pro and Beats Studio Buds are designed to work well with Apple products, but can be used with Android devices as well. If you are looking to use your wireless earbuds with an Android device, you will probably want to go with the Beats Studio Buds. You can get most of the same features that are built into iOS through the Beats App for Android.

So don't wait around if either you or a loved one is need of quality wireless earbuds. The Airpods Pro are currently 20% off at $199.99, while the Beats Studio Buds are 25% off at $129.95