Apple: $100 Million Spent on Potential iBricks

Don't ask us why Apple would even offer this information, but they did.   It was, however, in response to a question regarding the effect of the $200 drop in price on sales.

Apple’s earnings calls are notoriously devoid of information, but Apple’s chief operating officer, Timothy Cook, did drop one interesting figure.

Of the 1.4 million iPhones sold so far (of which 1,119,000 were sold in the quarter ending Sept. 30), Mr. Cook estimated that 250,000 were sold to people who wanted to unlock them from the AT&T network and use them with another carrier. He said that the bulk of those appear to have occurred after Apple’s $200 price cut. By my math, that means that at least $100 million was spent on phones that Apple is doing its best to disable.

This should indicate that T-Mobile could be seeing a hop in business of 250,000 users if they could just get past that dang lock!  I'm sure T-Mobile execs are crossing their fingers.

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