App Store Nears 100K Apps

According to App Shopper, a third-party site that tracks applications in Apple's App Store, while many keep using the last amount quoted by Apple (85,000) as the number of apps in that repository, the App Store is nearing 100,000 apps, and should hit that number soon.

In fact, App Shopper, which posts the numbers on their website home page, currently lists the total number of approved apps as 102,631, with 93,794 available for download (some will, of course, have fallen by the wayside as time progressed).

The last time Apple mentioned the number of apps in the App Store publicly, it said there were 85,000 apps in the store. It's believed that Apple is waiting until the number of applications available to download reaches 100,000 to issue a press release.

Another App Store tracking site, Yappler, says that of the apps available, 19,856 of them are free, if you bought every iPhone app today it would cost you $235,682, which is $2.55 per app or $3.25 if you exclude free apps.

While Verizon has been pumping the Droid up recently, its clear that its not just about the platform, or the carrier, or even the hardware, but the applications available on a device. That's where the iPhone still rules, but Gartner predicted on Tuesday that Android OS shipments will exceed iPhone OS by 2012.

The iPhone is no longer leaps and bounds above other platforms. Google's platform, free as it is, has the potential to be on many more devices than the iPhone. As application development for the devices ramps up, and it will, based on the sheer number of different devices (though some will undoubtedly be losers), it does indeed have the potential to overtake the iPhone.