Aperion's Home Audio Link Frees Your Music From Wired Headaches

Wireless audio is becoming a booming market; just a few years ago, no one thought twice about hooking up their music with all sorts of wires, and now it seems that using a wired solution has become second-rate. And for good reason. Wireless options are more abundant than ever before, and Aperion Audio is hoping that their latest kit is the wireless solution you've been waiting for.

The new Home Audio Link (or HAL, for short) is a wireless adapter that streams any audio format wirelessly from a computer, iPod, MP3 music player or mobile device to a variety of audio systems. It's really a universal wireless streaming solution, though you'll probably benefit most if you use some sort of USB-equipped netbook, notebook or desktop as your main jukebox. Users can even purchase additional HAL receivers in order to distribute audio without wires to up to three rooms.

The dongle can even be used in conjunction with a wireless powered subwoofer, and in order to hear music from a laptop computer, for example, the user simply plugs the matchbox sized HAL Send unit into a computer’s USB port, connects the HAL Receive unit into an AV receiver, plugs in the power adapter and the system links automatically. No Wi-Fi network is required for this to work, and no additional software has to be installed on anything. You're supposed to just plug this in and watch your tunes stream wirelessly, though we have to wonder if things really are so simple. The HAL system is priced at $149, with additional receivers priced at $79. They're available for pre-order now, and they should ship later this month in the United States.