Gigabyte Launches 24.5-Inch 240Hz IPS AORUS FI25F Tactical Gaming FreeSync Display

aorus fi25f hero
Gigabyte, manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has unveiled its first “tactical gaming” monitor. We do not know what tactical gaming is, but we do know the Aorus FI25F is a 1080p SuperSpeed IPS gaming monitor to power gamers’ needs.

First off, let’s talk specs on this monitor. Using Gigabyte SuperSpeed IPS technology, this monitor can achieve response times of .04ms and a 240Hz refresh rate while serving up good color and picture quality thanks to DisplayHDR 400 certification. The FI25F also has AMD FreeSync technology inside, so you do not have to worry about screen tearing. With its 24.5” screen, it will be a good fit for gamers with smaller desks or those who just like moving their monitors around easily.
aorus fi25f stand
Speaking of being able to move the monitor around easily, the stand on this monitor looks beefy but it is flexible. You can swivel up to 20 degrees in each direction, pivot 90 degrees, tilt -5 to 21 degrees and move vertically to 130mm. Overall, one should be able to find the perfect viewing angle and position.

Moving to I/O and settings, this monitor seems to have a relatively standard setup. It comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, USB 3.0 Hub with two ports and a USB-B output, and a headphone and microphone port. If you want to change any settings on the device, the Aorus OSD SideKick software allows for mouse and keyboard controls in settings. That way, you can toggle your aim stabilizer, black equalizer, customized crosshair, or active noise cancelling, with ease.
aorus fi25f IO
All-in-all, this a gamer-inspired monitor that does not stray from Gigabyte’s other devices in design. It should be a solid device for gaming with its good colors and high refresh rate. If you want to learn more about the "tactical gaming monitor", you can take a look at Gigabyte’s product page for the FI25F here.
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